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Our service range is a bountiful basket that accommodates from regular and basic to specialized and customized cleaning services. One of the most peculiar and exciting feature we offer is our ‘made-to-order’ utility solutions for our loyal or returning customers. In this special package the cleaning benefits are custom-made as per property specific, application specific or any personal requirement specific.

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Some of our professional cleaning services include:

Commercial Cleaning:

Our Commercial Cleaning Service Package includes:

  • Commercial Area Services – office, hotel or a retail shops cleaning
  • Commercial Area – Periodic Contracts Cleaning
  • Building Services – (post construction / renovation) Cleaning
  • Tenancy Cleaning Services

Many clients, who look out for a commercial cleaning service for their restaurant or office arena, end up booking us on a long-term contract basis. Our quality of work; our staffs providing attention to details and all at most affordable prices makes it possible for us. The equipment used is customized for commercial arena and offers drastic result in very little time. Our cleaning company can work on timings convenient to you, without you having to postpone or terminate any regular work going on. We are the most reliable choice for contract based commercial assignments and one off, too.

Window Cleaning:

This exclusive service accommodates both commercial window cleaning and residential window cleaning requirements. We have many clients who have contracted us for this particular service on a regular basis. Our window cleaners are particularly trained to handle glass doors and windows with utmost care. The post cleaning assures the customer with no window with a single streak of dirt.

We use water fed spray system as well as chemical free window cleaning. The washing technique is fool proof. The jet splash will ensure that window trails and sills are free of debris or any blocking particle / insects /dirt. The jet cleaning process also makes sure that water does not enter home premises and cause any house hold damage. You may also enquire / book this service through our online ‘service request form’

House Cleaning:

This service accommodates an entire bucket list of cleaning areas. Our staff carry a checklist and ensure every point is covered. However removing or adding one or two options out of / into it, which the customer may find unwanted / required can be taken care off as well. It is 100% customizable as per customer need and requirement.

Basic check list in this package includes:

  • Windows and sills
  • Cupboards – in & out
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Rubbish clearance
  • Any special / required add on cleaning services inclusive.

Carpet Cleaning:

Maintaining the carpets clean is most of the crucial things to do especially if you have your kids running around. The procedures we use for carpets cleaning are hassle-free and require very little space / only ground space the carpet originally covers. We house the following types of Carpet cleaning services:

  • Hot water based steam cleaning
  • Low moisture based Dry cleaning

These cleaning techniques cover almost all carpet types and textures. The techniques are safe on your product and do no harm. Our carpet cleaners for this particular service undergo specialized training and are facilitated with protective gloves and shoe covers for protection.

For more details you can visit our ‘Professional Cleaners Croydon‘ page. You may also enquire our cleaning prices / book this service through our online ‘service request form’ or call us on 020 3322 1893.

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